Siginon Drives Warehousing Business with Cloud Technology

Real estate players have identified warehouses as a growing property class in Sub Saharan Africa. Unfortunately, the demand for warehouses outweighs the availability for the space required to satisfy consumers. The consumers today requires a modern warehouse space that is built to high technical specifications to support modern retailing, distribution and manufacturing practices. In addition to availability of a modern warehouse amenities such as security, power, water, internet access, access roads; today’s customers is increasingly demanding warehouses that enable convenient and efficient inventory management coupled with optimal use of warehouse space.

As such, Siginon Global Logistics has installed a state of the art system to streamline operations in its warehousing business. The new system enhances warehousing efficiency as well as gives customers the convenience to view their inventory remotely so long as there’s internet connection. The customers, through internet connected gadgets, will be able to remotely create orders, receive updates on stock movement and accurately locate inventory within the Siginon warehouse.

The cloud based system was installed at the Siginon Global Logistics, Nairobi warehouses in January 2018 and pre tested by a South African technology firm that has done similar installations across the globe. The 24 hour system will cover all inventories at the warehouses and comes with minimal pressure on the internet bandwidth. Winstone Akweyu, the Siginon Global Logistics Operations Manager adds, “The new warehouse management system has been driven by Siginon’s needed for continuous improvement, value addition as well as aligning the warehousing business with technological improvements in the logistics landscape.”

The Siginon warehousing customer today can today view their stock reports off site without the need for being physically present for a physical and usually tiring and time consuming stock take. This then provides the customer with the agility to make inventory decisions such as re-ordering, forecasting as well as maintaining just-in-time inventory to manage operational costs from any location.

Operationally, the system Siginon will provide great ease in generation of customer reports by interested as well as ease the billing process with an assurance of accuracy.

Winstone concludes, “Today’s customer requires a warehousing partner who can add value to their business, give them peace of mind as well as be cost effective. This has to be world class. Therefore, the new Siginon Warehousing system inches us closer to where we want to be as a company; a World-class logistics provider.”

The logistics industry has seen a number of technological innovations that have provided customer satisfaction solutions that offer convenience, real time reports and cost savings.

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