People & Culture

Our Talent, leadership and Our Business

At Siginon, People are at the heart of the business. After all, it is the people who will get things done. The best strategic plan cannot deliver itself. It is the efforts of each of our colleagues, which, put together, will determine the degree of our success. As such, we endeavour to always have highly competent, sufficiently committed and engaged individuals and teams working in an environment in which work is enjoyable. We keep ‘sharpening the saw’ through our various leadership development programs (including coaching individuals and teams), enabling and supportive leadership, regular celebration of success, and generally feeding on one another’s energy and enhanced camaraderie. In this way, we continue Powering Trade. Due to our talented People, we face our future with confidence.

Our Culture: The Siginon way – Delighting the Customer!

Our Culture is defined by The Siginon Way! Delighting the Customer. We recognize that in all we do, our business will only be sustainable if we continue delivering what the customer needs. Businesses exist to deliver value to the customer. At Siginon, we don’t merely want to satisfy the customer. We go the extra mile to make the customer delighted with our service!! We serve so well that the customer cannot stop talking about the great experience they had with us! These customer testimonies not only bring us more and more business but also provide us with the ever-needed energy and excitement that you will typically see on our colleagues' faces!

Our focus is to sustain being a great place to work. We want to continuously remain in an environment of high trust, excellent communication, innovation, excellence. Our people should indeed be having a rewarding experience. The current market trends emphasize the need for continuous re-invention, reskilling and embracing new ways of work.


Our culture is hinged upon four pillars as below:

Our people are our heartbeat. We are cognizant that its only through our people that the job gets done. High performing people is the reason behind high performing organisations. We place a high premium on our people and performance processes. Specifically, we do:

  • Provide excellent interventions in training, Coaching , Colleague wellness , Talent and Career development.
  • Encourage recognition of a job well done.
  • Streamline and emphasize High Performance processes: from objectives agreements to evaluation of Success.

We believe that ‘getting things done’ is a critical element of successful organisations. To this end, we do encourage processes that will:

  • Focus on solution provision, speed and completion of actions with ‘DONE’ as our watchword. We avoid endless planning and abhor excuses.
  • Espouse accountability to one another on delivering the promise both at individual and team levels.
  • Practice deliberate identification of strong as well as weak links in our midst and calling these out, respectfully.

We have deep recognition of both external and internal customers. As Colleagues, we are all customers to one another. We recognize that our business can only exist sustainably due to presence of customers interested in our services. As such, we are deeply obsessed with the customer in whatever we do. Specifically, we do:

  • Develop mindset of putting the Customer need center of everything we do.
  • Go the extra mile and deliver more than they ask for(from what satisfies to what delights the customer)
  • Recognize our Colleagues as internal Customers, and treat one another with respect and service mindset in all our dealings.
  • Recognize, appreciate and value ALL our customers in word and DEEDS.

Today, we live in a world defined by digital technology. We are not an island. We continue to enhance our digital space and use creative digital solutions to gain a competitive edge in our business. We want to be digitally-led. Specifically, we do:

  • Employ the most ideal digital platforms in connecting ourselves and our customers directly, performing analysis of their needs and leveraging technology to improve the end-user digital experience.
  • Enhance our People processes through digitisation e.g. People Services and digital Performance management, change management etc.
  • Materially evolve or create new business processes. Invent new digital business models through digital leadership.

With our deep belief in continuous improvement, we believe that we will indeed achieve our vision to be a world-class logistics company. With our culture offering a competitive advantage, we do OVERACHIEVE on the corporate strategy. We have made history as one of the few companies that continued to THRIVE during and even the post-Covid 19 pandemic.