Africa presents great potential and more global markets now seek to tap into the possibilities present in the continent.

Siginon Group is proud to contribute to this Africa reawakening by providing much-needed global cargo connections in East Africa, the Great Lakes region, and the rest of the world. We are Powering Trade for our customers through world-class transport and logistics services. We approach each shipment we handle and every ton we move as an opportunity to accelerate growth, unlock potential, deliver hope in our communities, and contribute to economic growth in the markets we serve. That’s how we are Powering Trade.

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. We take great pride when our customers achieve their shipment goals, and their enterprises thrive beyond their wildest imagination. We have taken up the mantle to partner with our customers and through our global networks connect them to source markets, new markets, and identify the best, safest and most efficient options to handle and move your cargo.

  • Our trucking team is revved up to be part of your success.
  • Our warehouses remain wide open to your shipments as they become opportunities for trade.
  • Our container terminals adjacent to the Port of Mombasa allow quick turnaround of your shipments.
  • Our sea/air/land freight teams work with the swiftness and expertise borne out of the experience and a commitment to delight our customers.

When you choose Siginon Group, you not only get service excellence but a logistics partner who is focused to spur your progress and success with each shipment. And that is why our slogan IS, Siginon Group – Powering Trade!