How Logistics Keeps Mothers Smiling

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Mother’s Day is observed every year with dates varying across different geographical areas. This day is set aside to celebrate the gift that is motherhood and the people who bear this name directly or indirectly. Mothers have often been described as the epitome of love and sacrifice and set the pace for the rest of their children’s life. A mother’s influence over her child is seen both in the tangible and intangible attributes. For instance, it has been asserted that children get their intelligence from their mother. This is argued on the basis that the genes responsible for intelligence are contained on the X chromosome. The mother carries 2 X chromosomes and as such contributes one X to the child while the father donates either the X or Y chromosome which will also determine whether the child is male or female. The mother’s influence is also reflected in the child’s weight, temperaments, dominant hands, vulnerability to certain diseases, among others.

The one thing that the world seems to be united on, is that mothers across the globe need to be spoiled often and especially on Mother’s Day. As hugs and kisses along will not suffice, flowers which signify a mother’s sweet smell, gentle love, warmth, brightness, and optimism have become a tradition as a gift for mothers. Countries such as Kenya that are global flower power houses continue to supply the world with various flowers to bring this occasion to life. After all, a day like this is incomplete without a bouquet of bright yellow flowers.

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